FeedBurner adopts Feed Redirection Plugin, now renamed FeedBurner FeedSmith

FeedBurner FeedSmith is the newest weapon in FeedBurner’s arsenal of weapons(no, not the destructive type). Probably the most popular feed-related plugin for WordPress users, FeedSmith is just the old Feed Redirection Plugin by Steve Smith, rechristened and rebranded as FeedSmith. From now on, FeedSmith will be maintained and updated by FeedBurner. Feed Redirection plugin works […]

Apple goes greener, recycles iPods and eliminates toxins

Apple has received scathing criticism in the past from environmental groups. Now, in a response to criticism, Apple has unveiled plans to make it greener than its competitors. Atleast that’s what Steve Jobs has in mind. Steve Jobs gave out details for the company’s efforts to remove toxic substances from its products. Also in the […]

Prevent accidental closing of Firefox tabs with Permatabs Firefox addon

When browsing with a large number of open pages (especially if you are a heavy tab user), closing tabs accidentally is common. This happens very often because Firefox has close buttons on each tab, and when a large number of tabs are present, the proximity between those red close buttons get very small. To prevent […]

Stack Firefox tabs verticaly with Vertigo extension

The number of widescreen monitors are rapidly increasing, and vertical screen space can be a premium on such monitors. So, Firefox users usually try to move bookmarks and other elements to the sidebar. It is also beneficial to load pages of less importance in the sidebar. Going by this trend, Vertigo Firefox addon moves the […]

IZArc2Go – portable version of IZArc archival software

Shortly after our review of the free IZArc archival tool, Aseem asked whether there was a portable version that does something similar to IZArc. In fact, there is a portable version of IZArc itself. It is called IZArc2Go. The clunky name apart, it is similar to IZArc in all aspects. Most features of IZArc have […]

Best free alternatives to paid security software [Windows]

Windows is probably the most vulnerable operating system around, but by using the right tools and proper judgement, at least some of the problems can be avoided. Here, we have a collection of the best free security tools available for Windows. Most of these tools are known to uber-geeks, but by highlighting them here, we […]

Extract zip, ISO, DAA files with IZArc[freeware]

Archiving and extracting files can be done in Windows XP and upwards with the help of built-in tools. However, as with many other things, built-in utilities tend to have very little tweakable options and power features. For anyone that desires better features, the built-in archival utility is not the right option. IZArc is a freeware […]

Increase productivity with Dexpot, desktop-switching app

Dexpot window switcher Multiple desktops benefit productivity, as they reduce clutter on your desktop and help you focus on the task at hand. Mac OS X(Spaces) and Linux sport this built-in. However, Windows does not have such a feature. This is a big let-down, because a desktop-switching system coupled with multiple desktops can reduce clutter […]

Super-charge your feed-reading with FeedDemon[freeware]

RSS feeds are a ‘tech’ way to track sites. With the increase in prominence of RSS feeds, the number of feed readers(aggregators)have also increased. You can find online readers like Google Reader and Bloglines and desktop readers like RSSOwl and FeedDemon, the sheer number of choices can intimidate you. I have moved back and forth […]

How to: Disable popup warnings in Windows XP

Windows XP may be one of the more stable and developed operating systems (Vista is like a beta right now). But there are many irritating aspects in Windows XP. Windows has a really stupid popup system, which pops up for every unnecessary thing imaginable. For example, there is a popup to warn that disk space […]

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