Review: Digsby IM, multi-protocol IM client

Digsby is a newly launched multi-protocol instant messaging client.It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It works across AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ networks. It supports GMail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, AOL, POP-based and IMAP-based mail services. Digsby is one of the hottest apps currently available, and is currently invite-only […]

23 Firefox optimization/power tips and shortcuts

If you liked this article, please consider bookmarking on or stumbling this. Thanks in advance! Firefox may be the world’s best browser, but since version 2, it is not the quickest or most optimized version. Increasing number of features have led to unusually high system requirements, not to mention frequent hang-ups and consequent loss […]

How to fix Windows Live Writer installing/updating problems

Windows Live Writer is one of the most sought-after offline blogging tools. Perhaps one of the few Microsoft products that has been embraced by the community (and one which performs optimally), Windows Live Writer started out as a not-so-great application, and improved with each version. Some of the reasons for Live Writer’s popularity is its […]

Review: ImgBurn, to write discs for free

Howdy! It appears that you have come to this blog for the first time. In order to receive more useful posts like this, you can subscribe to RSS feed or receive latest articles to your email inbox. Thanks for visiting this blog, and have a good day. Nero might be omni-present ((when was the last […]

Easy tip: Increase internet speeds on Windows XP Professional

Definition: Bottleneck A bottleneck is a phenomenon by which the performance of an entire system is severely limited by a single component. This is quite true in case of Windows XP Pro-based computer. It has a something called Quality of Service. Technically, it is the ability to provide different priority to different applications, users, or […]

How to extract and open .daa files for free (Windows and Linux)

.daa (Direct Access Archives) is a proprietary format by PowerISO, used commonly to archive large ISO files (ISO is a disk image format that you can burn to a disk using Nero or any other burner). DAA file format has features like compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes. DAA files can be opened […]

Digging made easier with Smart Digg button

Digg is a cool social-networking site. Everyday, thousands of people flock to various sections of Digg, and vote up/down the stories they see. The stories they submit vary according to days, but stay very high. The number of stories that make the front page is ~60/day( source ). If you observe the top Diggers, you […]

Easy Tip: Reduce CPU usage of Firefox

Firefox is the best browser around right now, with a large open-source community to boot. Firefox maybe the best in terms of features and flexibility, but all this comes at a price. Firefox, as we all know, is a resource hog. It can take up 100+ MB of RAM when multiple tabs are open. Also, […]

How To: Install WordPress on Windows

When it comes to developing themes and plugins, you need the right tools to finish the job quickly and efficiently. There are a plethora of tools to choose from, and your selection can vary by personal taste. Some go for open-source tools like GIMP and Nvu, whereas others stick with trusted commercial applications like the […]

Site Update : Asides and Footnotes

It is time for another site update – we have a couple of new features now. I have always wanted to have some facility to point you, my readers, to interesting stuff that I come across every day. There are many ways to share links, and I evaluated each of them. Google Reader’s Shared Items […]

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