Best Air Purifiers in India in 2020

Air pollution has become a major crisis in India due to the rapidly increasing industrialization and urbanization. The air quality is continuously degrading and has reached to such an extent that people find it difficult to see clearly not only in the night but also during the day. When people inhale contaminated air, it can […]

Best Landline Phones in India in 2020

Best Landline Phones in India in 2020

Landline phones still hold importance in the lives of people in various ways. Imagine if your smartphones run out of battery and there is a major electricity lockdown due to whatsoever reason, what would you do? How would you connect with people? At such a scenario, landline phones can act as a saviour. However, many […]

Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs. 50,000 in India

Being always on the go can often prevent you from enjoying your favorite game. If you don’t play it for a few days, it becomes difficult to get back on track and you end up quitting the game and installing another one. After some time, you find yourself constantly installing and uninstalling different games, or […]

AI and Machine Learning: Ways to Shape Your Deployments Better

AI and Machine Learning: Ways to Shape Your Deployments Better

A finance firm wanted to deploy its Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications faster as the process was taking around 12-18 months. Due to longer lead time, the ability of the firm to meet its operational efficiency was jeopardized in addition to hampering its business intelligence, risk management, and compliance. The firm adopted software for […]

Best 3D Printers in India in 2020

Not long ago, 3D printers were devices mainly used by scientists. However, with the advance of technology, these devices are becoming more affordable and more popular among casual computer users. While scientists use them for various scientific projects, 3D printers can also be used for fun and hobby. Do you want a figure of your […]

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