IZArc2Go – portable version of IZArc archival software

Shortly after our review of the free IZArc archival tool, Aseem asked whether there was a portable version that does something similar to IZArc.

In fact, there is a portable version of IZArc itself. It is called IZArc2Go. The clunky name apart, it is similar to IZArc in all aspects. Most features of IZArc have been integrated to IZArc2Go too. Perhaps the only features that are missing in the portable version is Explorer shell integration and association of file types (both of which requires registry entries which cannot be done by a portable app).

Installation is very simple and similar to other portable applications – download and install IZArc to the portable drive (USB drive, hard drive or something else if you desire). Once the setup is over, you can launch IZArc2Go by double-clicking on its executable file (izarc2go.exe).

IZArc2Go does not store any user data or customization data in the computers’ hard drive – instead, it stores them all in the installation folder. Also, it leaves no trace of activities after usage, which protects your privacy (invaluable when using others’ computers).

Download IZArc2Go (make sure to choose IZArc2Go installer, because that page contains installers for IZArc non-portable version too)

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