Clear Facebook of spam with FB Purity

FB Purity is a popular tool to clean up Facebook of all the crap borderline spam that has been increasingly accumulating – app messages, pesky notifications, quiz questions etc. F.B. Purity is compatible with the following web browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera on all operating systems – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. F […]

Windows detects but does not show external USB hard drive (in My Computer)

Due to OS upgrades, sometimes, a hard drive that worked fine previously fails to show up in (My) Computer. This happened to me once when I upgraded a computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The external hard drive was powered up, and detected by the system (proven by the fact that it shows up […]

Batch-delete empty folders in Windows and Mac OS X

After using Windows for several months, chances are, that parts of your hard drive will contain many empty folders nested several levels deep. One of the reasons for this is frequent installation and uninstallation of software – some poorly-designed installers are the culprits here and leave empty folders after uninstall. Needless to say, it is […]

Schedule startup applications with Startup Delayer

Unless you are an uber-minimalist who installs the bare minimum number of programs required to get your job done, chances are that your Windows boot time is being slowed down by a large number of programs that launch at startup simultaneously. However, many such applications, like your antivirus, Google Talk and other messengers, Skype etc. […]

WP error: “Uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads”

I have been using an FTP client to upload article images for this site by hand for years now. Recently, my FTP client started giving me some error, and I wanted to upload a few images urgently. I turned to WordPress’ built-in uploader. It showed “Crunching…” for a few seconds and then gave the following […]

Prevent Google Chrome auto update

Google Chrome has rocketed to popularity quickly, thanks to its speed, minimalistic design that allows you to focus on webpages to the maximum, and of course Google’s backing. Chrome is being developed at a furious pace, going through version numbers very quickly. They introduced silent automatic updates to the browser. This is a welcome feature […]

0xC004C008 online activation error for Windows 7

Windows has always been messy with its online activation and authentication tools, including the much maligned Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) suite of tools, online product license key activation systems. Yet another error thrown up by Windows is 0xC004C008, which sometimes appears when you activate Windows 7 online. 0xC004C008 error causes complete failure of Windows online activation, […]