How to access FTP servers without any software

FTP is used for transfer of large files. Bloggers and webmasters use FTP frequently for uploading files to their server space all the time. FTP transfers usually involve some software installed on the computer. The method usually involves connecting to a particular host server URl, and entering the username and password for access. FTP transfers […]

High-quality tech podcasts worth subscribing to

Netcasts, or podcasts, as they are popularly known, are a popular way to keep up with the latest happenings in a niche. Podcasts are usually daily or weekly.Podcasts are more convenient in that you can listen to and stay updated with news without staying glued to your computer. You can listen to podcasts while jogging, […]

First impressions: Defensio anti-spam WordPress plugin

Akismet has for long, been a worthy dominating force in the anti-spam section of WordPress plugins (and some other platforms like bbPress), but many bloggers have noticed that the accuracy of Akismet has dropped sharply in the last few days. Coded by Matt Mullenweg, also the co-founder of WordPress, Akismet was considered the gold standard […]

Process Hacker: manage, edit and terminate processes

Process Hacker is a credible alternative to Windows built-in process manager. Process Hacker follows a different approach to presenting data related to processes, providing more details and some additional features. Process Hacker is free and open source process viewer and memory editor with features like Regex memory searcher and a “Run as” tool. It shows […]

6 free, useful desktop RSS readers (Windows, Linux and OS X)

Google Reader is probably the obvious choice when anyone thinks of feed readers. Bloglines, Netvibes etc. are also worthy alternatives. Being online applications, they can be accessed anywhere, and does not depend on the longetivity or proximity of your hard drive, ie. you do not have to worry about losing your feeds when you’re away […]

Reclaim hard drive space on Mac OS X by deleting language files

Monolingual is a free and open-source application to remove unnecessary language files from Mac OS X. Depending on the computer and options you choose, you can clear out files worth 100 MB to over one GB. Although hard drive sizes are increasing and it is not uncommon to find over a terabyte of storage on […]

Install Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome

Update: Chrome now supports Greasemonkey userscripts natively now. Just click the link for the userscript (downloaded from or any other site) and Chrome will load it and display it in your extensions window. One of the biggest complaints of Google Chrome users is that the amount of customization one can do is minimal. Hackers […]