Search on Google from Firefox address bar (like Google Chrome)

Firefox 3’s default behaviour is to do an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search on Google, which fetches the top result for the terms you entered, on Google. While this might seem helpful initially, Google’s lack of accuracy (or rather the lack of accuracy for top terms) in some results can get into your nerves. If a […]

Get Mac OS X-style system alerts with Growl for Windows

Mac OS X has had system alerts with Growl, a Mac-exclusive app until recently. However, with Ubuntu getting native system alert system, and Windows users can now install Growl for Windows for system notifications. Growl is a a beta software as of now, and hence may have some quirks. There were a few memory corruption […]

How to block marketing/advertising SMS messages on mobile phones (India)

Valuable time and effort of customers are wasted as hundreds of telemarketing firms call up or send SMS messages to your mobile phones to promote their products. Such calls are irritating, to say the least. There are ways to opt out of all such marketing gimmicks by signing up to the Do Not Disturb and […]

No Script: Firefox security addon to block untrusted scripts

No Script is an addon that improves the security of Firefox by allowing only trusted scripts (from a whitelist) to execute. This is particularly helpful when browsing bank websites, ecommerce sites etc. I use Chrome for daily purposes, and typically NoScript in Firefox only for all my online transactions that involve disclosing personal data like […]

How to watch French Open tennis live online

French Open tennis tournament is not available in some regions. The official ESPN website offers live streams. Unfortunately, the live video available online is free only to users of affiliated ISPs. Subscribers of ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, Frontier, Insight, Mediacom, RCN (and several others) are eligible. If you are a subscriber of an ESPN-affiliated ISP, […]