How to block iAds advertisements on Apple iPhone

Apple iAds has been running for the last few days. While Apple claims that iAds are a different experienec and will make you want to watch ads, the fact is that nobody likes ads, particularly on devices like iPhone where the screen space is limited. The only concern when you block ads is that a […]

How to type Indian rupee symbol

The official rupee symbol was recently announced by Indian parliament. However, it will take several weeks for the design to be submitted and accepted in Unicode, and even longer for the symbol to be featured on keyboards. The tech community, however, has come forward with a free font that contains the rupee symbol. Below are […]

Force Google Chrome to remember passwords

All modern browsers include a “Remember password” option while logging in to websites. I recently switched to Google Chrome full time, and one issue I noticed was that it sometimes refuses to save passwords, only on particular websites – ie. you do not even get the prompt to save password. This is, no doubt, a […]

Malware alert: Firefox addon Mozilla Sniffer steals passwords

Mozilla, makers of Firefox web browser, has issued a warning to users that the Mozilla Sniffer extension has malicious intents – it steals passwords entered into any sites by users, and relays them to a remove web server. Mozilla Sniffer was removed from Mozilla addons website Monday. It has also been added to Firefox blocklist, […]

Check private BitTorrent trackers for open registration

BitTorrent trackers and associated websites are dime-a-dozen. Public trackers are used by most torrent users. The disadvantage of public trackers is that files may be unseeded once the initial frenzy is over, or some may have poor seed-to-peer ratio. Private torrent trackers solve this problem by making access highly exclusive. Members are allowed in a […]

How to put Mac OS X dashboard widgets on desktop

Mac OS X dashboard widgets are small applets built for specific tasks, like checking weather, pulling in information from websites etc. They are smaller than any full-fledged application, use less resources, and yet get the job done just as well for simple tasks. Mac widgets are placed on the dashboard, that can be invoked by […]

Fix “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” WordPress error

While upgrading a plugin for WordPress (the blogging software we use on this site), I saw the following error: “Briefly unavailable for Scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”. This is a new maintenance mode (introduced in WordPress 3.0) that is activated while upgrading WordPress core and plugins. While this is a feature, there are […]

Password to delete all contacts in Samsung mobile phones

Recently, a relative of mine asked me to help him migrate from an older Samsung SGH X210 mobile phone to a new dual SIM phone (also Samsung). One of the things I had to do was move all personal data, including contacts, and delete them from the older phone (before selling). Obviously, this was not […]

Fix “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, cannot open Outlook window” error

Microsoft Office sometimes throws up the following error (including when exiting Outlook to switch profiles) Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window This can be irritating when you are checking / sending a mail urgently. Here are a few possible solutions for the problems – if one does not work, move on to […]

Have you optimised your site code?

Website optimization is an important process for every webmaster trying to reach “the top”. It includes several parts, some of which may not be plausible for all. Optimisation refers to the cleaning of code markup, images and backend so that your site loads quickly, and causes less stress on your webserver. The Importance of Optimization […]

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