Fix iOS autocorrect with Manual Correct [Cydia tweak]

iPhone’s keyboard is one of the best among smartphones, when it comes to accuracy and ease of typing. It is hard to describe, but if you use both an iOS device (even an iPod Touch) and any other phone (including Swiftkey on Android), you’ll immediately notice the difference. Even with the tiny 3.5 inch screen […]

How to use long-press home button for app switcher in iOS

iOS added multitasking functionality in iOS 4. In Android, the task manager plus app-switcher is activated by long-pressing the home button. iOS takes a different approach and brings up the Recent apps tray when you double press the home button. The home button on iPhones and iPods is quite durable, but no button can stay […]

How to find perfect subtitles for movies, anime and cartoons

Hollywood movies are popular all over the world, from countries which have no significant film industries of their own, to countries with an active film culture (France, India etc). However, one problem that comes up is that you may not know the language at all, or you may not know it well enough to be […]

Proxies and tools to unblock and access Pirate in India

Update 3 May 2012: Pirate Bay seems to be blocked in India, again. This time, India is not alone, though – a number of ISPs in various countries, especially those in EU (England, Italy, France etc) have been asked by courts to block the world’s most (in)famous torrent website. Visitors get a “This site has […]

Trick to pass Zynga poker chips when friend hits limit

Zynga Poker limits players receiving free chips from friends in the game. When a player hits limits on the free poker chips (s)he can receive on Zynga Poker, you cannot send chips, no matter how many chips you have and how many you are allowed to send. A workaround that my poker crazy (and chip-starved) […]

“Titanium Backup could not be installed. Free up some space and try again” error

Titanium Backup is an Android app that aids in app backup and restore, freezing (deactivate but not uninstall) and deleting system apps. It requires root access (similar to super user permissions on Linux OS) and is one of the most valuable tools in an Android hacker’s arsenal. Not just hackers, Titanium Backup is useful for […]

Clear all contacts at once on Android 4.0 ICS

Android 4.0, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, is in many ways a rewrite of the Android operating system from the ground up. It uses a newer kernel, merges the smartphone and tablet OS code (from Gingerbread and Honeycomb), and introduces a new visual design language that is a marked departure from the iPhone-esque UI of previous […]

Send web page links from Chrome, Firefox to Android

Do you use your Android phone or tablet a lot for web browsing and reading? I do. Since buying an Android phone, most of my reading and social media consumption has actually moved to the mobile device. The convenience of reading pages anywhere, any time you’re free beats all the advantages of using a full […]

Identifying LAN chipset on your desktop or laptop

So you have some problem with your (wired) ethernet connection now, and you do not know the name of your LAN chipset so that you can at least ask someone how to fix it, or search for solutions online. Common reasons would be reqiuring reinstall of drivers after you do a fresh install of Windows […]

Download popular iOS game Temple Run for Android

After Angry Birds Space, another big game will be released on Android this month – Temple Run. It is a popular running game on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), and is coming to Android on March 27. Imangi Studios, developers of Temple Run, has announced the release date. The game has been […]

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