How to automatically rotate wallpapers (Windows/ Mac / Linux)

All too often, I see workstations with default wallpapers (like those for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X), and wonder why no one ever takes the time to get a bunch of better wallpapers. But then, most people do not have the time or energy to waste for a task as trivial as changing wallpapers. […]

Transfer music from iPod / iPhone to Mac OS X

iPod and iPhone owners may have, at some point, wished that they could transfer music from iPod / iPhone to another computer. DRM and other factors regarding copyright means that Apple allows you to transfer music to your iPod, but not from an iPod to a computer. Pod to Mac is a small freeware application […]

Hide application windows with single keystroke

Clicky Gone is a small Windows software to hide application windows with a single key (“Boss Key”) or with two clicks. Clicky Gone can hide windows on the desktop and remove tabs from the task bar. It will be very helpful for those with privacy concerns – at work and at home, against prying eyes. […]

Free Nokia 3110 / 3110c themes download

Looking for free themes for Nokia 3110 mobile phone? You have come to the right place. Below, you can see a large number of high-quality, free, hand-picked, beautiful Nokia3110c themes. This collection of Nokia mobile phone themes have been grouped under different categories. You can get themes categorized as Harry Potter, Hollywood actors, WWE, NBA, […]

How to use a Windows keyboard with Mac OS X

There may be more than one reason why you want to use a Windows keyboard with a Mac OS X computer: a powerful/expensive keyboard that you already possess, lack of availability of Apple keyboards, or you cannot justify spending the money to buy an Apple keyboard when there’s a Windows keyboard lying around. Whatever the […]

J Downloader: Free MediaFire download manager

Media Fire is one of the more popular free file hosting services. Rapidshare is the most dominant in this category, but Mediafire has its share of fans. I have already written how to use Rapidshare premium link generators for unrestricted access, and Raptor, a free Rapidshare download manager. J Downloader is a free Mediafire download […]

Al Image: free tool to convert and resize images

Al Image Converter is a tiny utility (setup file of just 49 KB) to convert and resize images. It can convert to most of the popular formats and supports resizing to various sizes. Features of Al Image Converter/Resizer Convert to commonly used formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF) Resize images to small, medium or large thumbnail […]

How to prevent automatic virus infection from USB drives

USB drives, or thumb / pen drives have the convenience of being small, lightweight and generally made for quick and small file exchanges. However, along with this advantage comes the risk of spreading viruses, trojans, worms and other malware to your computer. This is especially relevant in case of offices and schools, where information and […]

How to search inside zip files on Mac OS X

Although Mac OS X natively supports zip format and has an excellent search and indexing tool in Spotlight, you cannot search within zip files using Spotlight. However, Spotlight can be extended with plugins, and we can use Ziplight plugin to search within zip files. Installing Ziplight is slightly different from normal programs, as you are […]

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