IoT Enabled Business: How To Get Started and Run It Smoothly

IoT Enabled Business: How To Get Started and Run It Smoothly?

Modern-day businesses have been touched by the strong waves of technology over the past few years. And there is no denying that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that has transformed a lot of business into making them successful by optimizing their operations, upgrading products, empowering employees, encouraging customers, and so on.  […]

IoT 101: The Ultimate Guide and Trends in IoT to Watch Out for in 2020

IoT 101: The Ultimate Guide and Trends in IoT to Watch Out for in 2020

The phenomenon that describes the physical objects network is called the Internet of Things or IoT. These physical objects are embedded with software, sensor and all other sorts of technologies that help exchange and connect data with different kinds of systems and devices through the platform – Internet.  All these devices that are associated with […]

Smart Technologies to Save Water

How Smart Technologies Can Save Water?

One of the most precious elements to survive on Mother Earth is water. Without water, it will not be possible to survive on this planet without a doubt. However, in the advanced world with so many climatic changes, water scarcity has proved to be a visible crisis. Studies have shown that many places in the […]

9 Electronic Components to Watch Out for in 2020

9 Electronic Components to Watch Out for in 2020 

We all have seen frontiers continue to expand in the realm of technology in the year 2019. There has been a tremendous uprising in the demand for electronic products, thereby, skyrocketing the need for electronic components. As per a report, the global market of electronic components is projected to grow with 5.9% CAGR between 2019-2023. […]

How to disable/unlock USB Lock AP?

USB Lock AP is among a breed of software that restricts USB device usage on computers. It is used widely in schools and libraries to prevent unauthorized copying of files, spreading of malware etc. The software operates by blocking all USB devices from initializing. Any time you plug in a device, it asks for a […]

How to use an Android phone with a broken power button?

When I bought a Nexus S Android device, I read up a lot about potential issues I might face. One of the things that came up repeatedly, was the fragile nature of the power button. There were so many reports of the power button being worn out and not working within a year or two, […]

Start and resume torrent downloads across dual boot systems (Windows / Linux)

I have divided my time almost equally between Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, specifically) the last few months, for coding and development purposes. Sharing data between the two OSes is something that was a priority for me, as I did not want to maintain separate copies of all my files and documents. My torrent downloads are […]

Fix AOSP/ CM9 / CM10 signal issues on Galaxy Nexus / Nexus S / Galaxy S

Cyanogenmod is the most popular aftermarket firmware for Android phones. Stock ROMs are the default firmware on devices, which usually have a skin and lots of modifications to the AOSP Android by manufacturers. Cyanogenmod removes all that manufacturer bloat and brings pure Android (which is on Nexus devices only by default) to many devices. The […]

Whatsapp alternative Messaging app Hike launches rewards

Messaging app Hike has launched a useful feature called Rewards. It provides talktime in return for inviting your friends on Hike. Hike is available on all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry. Do not worry, this is not one of those “Visit this link for free talktime” scams you often find […]

Clean up Ubuntu to increase free hard drive space

After a 2 year hiatus, I started using Ubuntu recently. Of course, being on a laptop means that disk space was limited, so I started with a 25 GB partition. Soon after installing Ubuntu, I regretted that decision, because after the base install+apps+work and media files, I had a serious space crunch. Resizing the partition […]

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