Free Dr Web antivirus 6 license serial key + download

Doctor Web anti-virus software includes anti-rootkit, anti-spyware, mail and firewall components. Dr Web has a console scanner which can be installed onto an infected PCs or can be run without installation. Dr.Web antivirus is the first AV product from Russia. They also provide a Firefox addon to check links online. A standard license key for […]

Close out known vulnerabilities with Windows Worms Doors Cleaner

Windows Worms Doors Cleaner is a handy utility to close unsafe and known vulnerable aspects of Windows, like services and ports. Windows, being the most widely used operating system, also happens to have tons of known vulnerabilities. Microsoft usually fixes them by pushing out updates, but there are known vulnerabilities, information being widely available on […]

How to install Ubuntu on Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X

Ubuntu 9.10 alpha has been around for some time now, and final version will be released later this year. This tutorial will guide you in installing Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) alpha using Parallels Desktop 4.0 on Mac OS X. I’m using build 4.0.3522 of Parallels Desktop. When the final version is released, this will be […]

Watch CNN Live online for free

With the USA presidential elections and subsequent reports being eagerly awaited by Americans and thousands of others worldwide, CNN is a popular destination for the latest news. If you want to watch CNN live, and you do not have access to live TV feed, then this method may help you watch CNN television feed live. […]

How to edit Firefox context menu

Firefox has a host of addons which add useful functionality to the browser. In fact, many (including myself) would argue that it is the extensions that prevented a mass migration away from Firefox 2. When you add extensions, your context menu (menu that comes up with a right-click) may become cluttered. Many of the extensions […]

Create self-hosted URL shortener with Shorty

URL shorteners are a saturated niche now, with Tiny URL being one of the first players, and better entrants (like that offers statistics and that has the shortest domain name) coming in every day. The only worry with all these URL shorteners is about their existence. URL shorteners have little monetization, and one […]

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