The giant list of Twitter tools

Over the years, I’ve written about many Twitter tools here, each on its own page. Of course, having each tool separately is rather inconvenient. So I put together this list of tools, all of which have been covered here before. Twitter Extender [Chrome extension] Twitter Extender is a Google Chrome extension to add several useful […]

Map any key to any other key on Ubuntu

The spacebar key on my keyboard is broken(long story), so I remapped it on Windows using KeyTweak app. Here’s how I achieved the same on Ubuntu. The instructions are generalized so that you can remap virtually any key to any other key. Using xmodmap Remapping keys can be done by running xmodmap on the terminal. […]

Fix Steam crashes and hanging during updates/sync

Valve Corp’s Steam game (and now app) distribution client is an easy way to get the latest games, both free and paid. The online community around Steam has grown substantially in the past few years, powered by games like Counter Strike. Steam is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux – breaking down the OS […]

Setup an external monitor with laptop in dual monitor setup

I recently bought a large external monitor to go with my laptop, and it has been one of my best tech purchases so far. It is easy to get distracted and not get any work done with a dual screen setup, but with a little determination, a dual monitor setup will help take your productivity […]

How to fix Internet Download Manager integration for Chrome

A downloader has three key functions: aggregate all downloads in a single program and allow for easy categorizing and management, provide pause / resume functionality (if supported by the browser), and utilize maximum bandwidth available. Maximum bandwidth utilization is done by breaking up the file into multiple parts and downloading each part concurrently. Download managers […]

Move, copy and sync contacts from Android phones to iPhone / iPod Touch

iOS and Android are the two leading mobile operating systems. Each mobile OS today has evolved to entire ecosystems, with everything from media and app purchases, to contacts and other settings tying into the platform and syncing within. This is convenient when you stay within a single ecosystem – which is what its developers want […]

Fix iOS autocorrect with Manual Correct [Cydia tweak]

iPhone’s keyboard is one of the best among smartphones, when it comes to accuracy and ease of typing. It is hard to describe, but if you use both an iOS device (even an iPod Touch) and any other phone (including Swiftkey on Android), you’ll immediately notice the difference. Even with the tiny 3.5 inch screen […]

How to use long-press home button for app switcher in iOS

iOS added multitasking functionality in iOS 4. In Android, the task manager plus app-switcher is activated by long-pressing the home button. iOS takes a different approach and brings up the Recent apps tray when you double press the home button. The home button on iPhones and iPods is quite durable, but no button can stay […]

How to find perfect subtitles for movies, anime and cartoons

Hollywood movies are popular all over the world, from countries which have no significant film industries of their own, to countries with an active film culture (France, India etc). However, one problem that comes up is that you may not know the language at all, or you may not know it well enough to be […]

Proxies and tools to unblock and access Pirate in India

Update 3 May 2012: Pirate Bay seems to be blocked in India, again. This time, India is not alone, though – a number of ISPs in various countries, especially those in EU (England, Italy, France etc) have been asked by courts to block the world’s most (in)famous torrent website. Visitors get a “This site has […]

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