4 Windows Registry hacks for improved performance

The Registry has to be the least understood aspect of a Windows OS. Even seasoned professionals handle the registry with care. But, when used properly, the Windows OS can be customised to any extent necessary. The Registry is, thus, essential for experts and hackers. Note: Before hacking the Registry, we have to backup the Registry. […]

Top 12 Mozilla Firefox add-ons for web designers

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser among techies(if you haven’t got it, go get it now). Its main advantages are that it is open-source(which means there is a large community to help), is standards-aware and renders all standard coding correctly(unlike Internet Explorer), and of course, has a plethora of extensions, themes and plugins. Extensions […]

Site update: Top commentators’ widget, link love and new theme

In my last post, “What is Google Juice“(if you don’t know what it is, I recommend checking it out immediately), I had plenty of comments – the highest so far. I was overwhelmed, because I wrote that post as a quick know-how. Talk about unexpected results! There were some mini arguments along the comments too. […]

Alternatives to Related Entries plugin by Wasabi

Wasabi’s Related Entries plugin is very popular with WordPress blogs. It allows you to insert a list of posts, which are related to the current post. This increases pageviews, and adds to the stickiness of the blog, ie. the time a visitor stays on your blog. Related Entries plugin is no longer updated which may […]

SEO for Firefox extension: Highlights nofollow, fetches PR

Today, every blogger and his kid(no offence 😉 ) knows what rel=”nofollow” attribute is. It is an important aspect in optimising your site for Google. Most bloggers use them to link to sites which they do not want to give credit to (like bad neighbourhood/competitors). It is an unwritten law of the blogosphere to link […]