What is Google Juice?

What is Google juice? These days, everyone is concerned about SEO, and it is good to start from the basics. Google Juice, in essence, is the value that Google gives to your site, for having a priceless link from a good site. The value adds up for each link, and you get better search rankings!

Google’s algorithm for ranking sites depends on several factors, some of which maybe unknown even to the experts. There is one thing that the experts agree – it is complex. Uniqueness of the content and the age of your domain/site are some of the key factors.

And one of the biggest factors, apart from original content, is the number of links to the site. When there is a higher number of links to the post, Google considers the site more authoritative, since more sites have linked to the source.

Googlebots will crawl and index your site more often if you have inbound links. Thus, without going into further details(which I have to save, for another post), let me tell Google Juice is invaluable to your success in optimisation for Google.

No wonder black-hat SEOs use automated software that make thousands of blogs on free platforms like BlogSpot, with backlinks to source!

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