Site update: Top commentators’ widget, link love and new theme

In my last post, “What is Google Juice“(if you don’t know what it is, I recommend checking it out immediately), I had plenty of comments – the highest so far.

I was overwhelmed, because I wrote that post as a quick know-how. Talk about unexpected results! There were some mini arguments along the comments too.

I thought that the comment spree would die after that post, as had been the case in the past(example 1, 2), but I was so wrong. In my last post asking for feedback, which was posted early morning, I had the comments of those three guys withing 6 hours. Talk about response!

I just hope that this goes on. To help the cause, I have installed the “Top Commentators’ plugin”. I will soon hold a contest, with a $25 gift at stake, for the leading commentator in the next 20 days – so stay tuned for details. Also, I will have LinkLove posts, linking to the best articles of my Top Commentators. All you have to do is comment your way to the top.

I just love reading comments, be it suggestions, arguments, flaming or nice words. Unless your comment is spam, it will not be deleted. So get those comments in!

In the last 5 days, I have not posted. I have been working on a new theme built from the ground-up by me. The design isn’t exactly ground-breaking – I just wanted to learn to make WordPress themes, and this was some good practice. I started off by collecting the sample codes required to begin, and after reading up instructions, I dared to do what I have been holding back from, for over 2 months. Of course, to many of you, building WordPress themes might be like sipping coffee. To me, it was very hard because I did not have the right software tools for the job. But now, I have the right tools, and that changed things a lot(more on the essential tools later).

The end result is not extraordinary when compared to other themes, but this is my first theme, and I plan to work on it to improve it later.

Here are some screenshots:

  • This is my doodles in Math period, when I got bored in a big way. That was the birth of the theme:
    The concept, sketched
  • Here’s the early stages of the design: Building theme
  • And of course, here’s what things look like, now:
    Finally, its here!

So how is it? Is it better than the present theme? Give me your thoughts – remember, your suggestions determine whether the design comes off the shelf, or burns at the stake :(
Update: There seems to be some major bugs with the theme. I’m sick of bugs! I guess they happen to everyone. I’ll start from scratch soon, and hope to put the theme up in the near future.

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