Is domination of WordPress and FeedBurner good?

FeedBurner and WordPress are the overwhelming dominators in their respective fields. They seem to offer decent services(that’s an understatement!). But as the saying goes, no domination is good. Every day, we hear and read how great WordPress is, how cool FeedBurner services are, etc. They provide excellent services, and have huge communities backing their decisions. […]

Windows Live Writer: Avoid System hang/excessive resource usage

Windows Live Writer is one of the most popular offline blogging software. This is rather unusual – with the exception of operating systems, most Microsoft products are either useless or have better competitors. However, Windows Live Writer stands out as an exception. It is used by thousands of bloggers around the world. Being a Microsoft […]

Orkut Blog, a blog by Google for Orkuters

Orkut, a popular social networking site owned by Google, had launched a blog on June 25. The first post was made (obviously) by its founder, Orkut Buyukkokten, its founder. The blog introduces itself as Orkut: News and Notes; Your Official Guide to staying beautiful on Orkut. The blog has become very popular, attaining close to […]

Alternatives to Related Entries plugin by Wasabi

Wasabi’s Related Entries plugin is very popular with WordPress blogs. It allows you to insert a list of posts, which are related to the current post. This increases pageviews, and adds to the stickiness of the blog, ie. the time a visitor stays on your blog. Related Entries plugin is no longer updated which may […]

SEO for Firefox extension: Highlights nofollow, fetches PR

Today, every blogger and his kid(no offence 😉 ) knows what rel=”nofollow” attribute is. It is an important aspect in optimising your site for Google. Most bloggers use them to link to sites which they do not want to give credit to (like bad neighbourhood/competitors). It is an unwritten law of the blogosphere to link […]