Google acquires Panoramio and FeedBurner : spot a pattern?

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Google is at it again. They have acquired Blogger, Blogspot, Picassa, Measuremap, Analytics, YouTube, FeedBurner – the list goes on. Now, Google has acquired Panoramio, a Spanish image-sharing site. The perks seems to be that Panoramio allows users to upload images and locate the shot on Google Earth/Google Maps.

Some guys saw this acquisition coming a long time ago : Google had made Panoramio the default photo layer for Google Earth, which in turn helped Panoramio grow to over 1 million photos located on Google Earth.

The details of FeedBurner and Panoramio acquisitions are astonishingly similar:

  • The terms of both deals remain undisclosed.
  • Google promises to run both sites, without any demolition jobs  in the near future.
  • Users are given an easy way out of both services – FeedBurner’s feeds and user info, and Panoramio’s images and user info.

Google currently lags behind with its Picassa Web service, by quite a margin behind Flickr, owned by Yahoo.

As regards FeedBurner, there is only one line to describe it :

The one, the only!

It has always amazed me why FeedBurner remains unchallenged in feed management.

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