Al Image: free tool to convert and resize images

Al Image Converter is a tiny utility (setup file of just 49 KB) to convert and resize images. It can convert to most of the popular formats and supports resizing to various sizes.

Features of Al Image Converter/Resizer

  • Convert to commonly used formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF)
  • Resize images to small, medium or large thumbnail sizes
  • Resize images to all available sizes at once
  • Batch resize and create thumbnails by drag-dropping all files you need, choosing the appropriate sizes and formats and hitting “Create”

Perhaps the only feature that I miss in Al Image Converter is a lack of support for resizing to custom sizes. I usually use Al Image to resize images when I’m writing tutorials which require large-size images for each step.

Download Al Image Converter

Do you use any other free image converter/resizer with all these features? Recommend them in comments below.

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