Netcasts, or podcasts, as they are popularly known, are a popular way to keep up with the latest happenings in a niche. Podcasts are usually daily or weekly.Podcasts are more convenient in that you can listen to and stay updated with news without staying glued to your computer. You can listen to podcasts while jogging, working out in the gym, during the commute to office or while you chill out.

I have been listening to podcasts ever since I discovered Diggnation. Below is a roundup of the best, professional-quality podcasts in the technology niche. Instead of going by download stats, I looked for variety (gadgets, web, general tech and security) and also the style of podcasts. This is not a complete list by any means, but should get you started with the best, or if you already listen to other podcasts, add to your list. Please add your recommendations in comments, and also take the poll at the end of this post.

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Weekly tech news: TWiT

TWiT is hosted by former TechTV host Leo Laporte, and features a host of other tech and web bigwigs regularly. TWiT is one of the most popular tech podcasts. For me, the standout factor is the clarity of voice, professionalism and wit of Leo Laporte. It makes listening to the podcast so much more fun.

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Daily tech news: Tech5

Tech5 is, unlike any other podcast here, a daily podcast. It is around 5 minutes each, presented by tech luminary John Dvorak. As the author puts it, it is “the most important five minutes of your day”. Dvorak does a quick roundup of tech news. Dvorak also appears on TWiT, another podcast on this list.

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Gadgets: GDGT

gdgt is a weekly podcast for the gadget lover. It features two of the biggest names in the gadget blogging industry – Peter Rojas (creator of both Gizmodo and Engadget) and Ryan Block (cofounder and former editor of Engadget). The podcast follows an informal, easy style that makes you feel it is more of an evening chit-chat than a popular, big-name podcast.

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Web 2.0: Diggnation

Diggnation is hosted by Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, and Alex Albrecht, former co-host TechTV’s The Screen Savers. Diggnation is a weekly video podcast with talk and comments on user-submitted content from Digg.

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Security Now

Security Now is hosted by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson – a legend in the security industry (and host of It is a weekly podcast with important security news and tips. Security Now has a question-and-answer “mailbag” episode based on submissions from listeners every other week.

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