Process Hacker: manage, edit and terminate processes

Process Hacker is a credible alternative to Windows built-in process manager. Process Hacker follows a different approach to presenting data related to processes, providing more details and some additional features.

Process Hacker is free and open source process viewer and memory editor with features like Regex memory searcher and a “Run as” tool. It shows processes and services running on your computer. It is a portable software, so you do not even have to install it on every computer you need to use it on. Just carry it around in your flash drive.

It has a simple tabbed interface similar. All details within Process Hacker are color-coded, acting as a guide and the particulars of the process: new object, own/system process, service or debugged processes as well as tagging packed/dangerous processes. The last two should be particularly helpful when you’re out to kill unnecessary processes.

Speaking of killing unnecessary processes, there is a tool called Terminator. It has a set of options to shut down processes and close process handles.

Process Hacker seems to have a lot more power functionality built into it, which, to be honest, I am yet to learn fully. However, it is a powerful tool even in the hands of a beginner. Perhaps the only problem is that there are too many things that could be broken by the beginner user.

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