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Do you use your Android phone or tablet a lot for web browsing and reading? I do. Since buying an Android phone, most of my reading and social media consumption has actually moved to the mobile device. The convenience of reading pages anywhere, any time you’re free beats all the advantages of using a full PC (like bigger screen and better ergonomics).

What I typically do is skim through popular websites and aggregators quickly on my computer when I’m home, then send any interesting links to my Android phone so I can pull up the pages and read them when I’m outside and idle (while travelling, for example).

Depending on which browser and Android version you use, there are different tools for the job. There is a Chrome to Android extension (for Chrome and Firefox) and companion Android app, and the newer Chrome to Mobile beta extension.

Chrome browser and Android 2.3

If your device runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and you use Google Chrome as your primary browser on the desktop, you can install the
Chrome to Phone extension for Google Chrome browser, and the Chrome to Android app. Sign in on both the extension and the app, to configure your account. The process is fast and painless, and you can start sending links within minutes.

Chrome to Android is restricted by country, and not available in most countries outside USA and EU (for some weird reason). If you are from such a country, get the Chrome to Android apk installer, move it to your phone and install it. file The app works flawlessly once installed.

Chrome browser and Android 4 ICS

If you use an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device, you can install the Chrome to Mobile extension for Google Chrome, get Google Chrome on Android, and sign in to your Google account on both mobile versions of Chrome and the Chrome to Phone extension.

I personally don’t like syncing the few hundred bookmarks on my Chrome (desktop), so I used the Chrome to Phone extension and app combination (mentioned in previous section) even on Android 4.0.

Firefox browser and Android

When Google Chrome gets a “send to Android” feature, Firefox certainly cannot be far behind. Firefox also has an addon, called Fox to Phone, to send links to Android. Install the addon for Firefox, and also the Chrome to Android app on your Android device.

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