“Titanium Backup could not be installed. Free up some space and try again” error

Titanium Backup is an Android app that aids in app backup and restore, freezing (deactivate but not uninstall) and deleting system apps. It requires root access (similar to super user permissions on Linux OS) and is one of the most valuable tools in an Android hacker’s arsenal.

Not just hackers, Titanium Backup is useful for anyone who flashes different ROMs to their droid devices often. Even people who stay on stock (default) ROMs always will find a use for Titanium Backup – as a precaution, to freeze bloatware without uninstalling it, and also if you need to reset the device and start afresh (for whatever reason, be it botched up system settings or Android getting progressively slower).

Titanium Backup sometimes throws up a strange error – “Titanium Backup could not be installed. Free up some space and try again” when you try to install it after flashing a new ROM, or if it starts force-closing and you uninstall it to install it later.

This error persists no matter how you try to install the app – from Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) or by using a .apk file. This persists even if you have sufficient free internal memory to install Titanium Backup.

The solution turns out to be rather simple – it is caused by patches installed by Lucky Patcher, an app that removes ads and license verification from many Android software.

To fix it, you need to remove the patch installed by Lucky Patcher.

Open Lucky Patcher. Press menu button and hit Troubleshooting, then Uninstall Patches. This will remove all patches that were installed by Lucky Patcher for all apps.

Now, go to Troubleshooting again, and hit Clear Dalvik Cache and Reboot.

Now, install Titanium Backup.

Note that you have to reapply patches for all apps you had previously patched.

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