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After Angry Birds Space, another big game will be released on Android this month – Temple Run. It is a popular running game on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), and is coming to Android on March 27.

Imangi Studios, developers of Temple Run, has announced the release date. The game has been eagerly anticipated by Android gaming fans, and will no doubt be well received.

Temple Run .apk file

Temple Run is now available on Android! Get it for free from Google Play Store. Or, hit the link below to download the apk setup file.

Download Temple Run apk installer

If you own an older or low end Android device with an ARM v6 processor, try these unofficial ARM v6 ports modified to work on these older devices: Temple Run apk link 1, link 2, link 3.

These have been reported to be working by many users. Let us know in comments how it works for you!

For those of you complaining that the game is slow and buggy: let me remind you that this is the first release by its developers, who have been releasing games exclusively for iOS for several months. Give them a few weeks, and I am sure they will iron out all the bugs in the Android version.

About Temple Run game

Temple Run is a running game, originally exclusive to Apple iOS devices. It was released as a 99c game, and later made free (supported by in-game purchases). It became hugely popular and topped the iOS App Store free apps list. It is developed by a tiny studio, consisting of husband-wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova (programmers) and game designer Kiril Tchangov.

The game sees you play explorers who steal a precious idol from an ancient temple. The game revolves around escaping the troubles that befall the explorers when they try to steal the temple treasures. Various obstacles are encountered, and some demonic monkeys chase the player. Game play involves avoiding obstacles by jumping, ducking or turning. While running, players can get various powerups, coins, bonuses and unlocks to enhance their gameplay. Players can also buy these powerups and bonuses in the game store, which is how the game developers make money.

Scoring is based on distance survived and coins collected.

Temple Run was originally announced for a February 2012 release, but got pushed to a March 27 date.

Temple Run tips, tricks and cheats

There are various websites that provide cheats, tips and tricks for the game. Aptly named Temple Run Cheat is one such website.

Temple Run fan sites

Like any popular game with a massive fan following, Temple Run also has dedicated fan sites where obsessed players discuss tips, tactics and various information about the games. Example: Temple

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