Detect BitTorrent throttling by ISPs

Since the explosion of BitTorrent traffic, ISPs have been looking at ways to reduce it in stealth. ISPs like Comcast in USA are infamous for using controversial (and possibly illegal) traffic shaping methods to selectively slow down torrent traffic without touching regular HTTP traffic. As much as the nature of files shared via torrents maybe, […]

Turn off Google web history for more privacy

Google Web History helps you search across web pages you have visited before. For most, this is actually a feature and not harmful. However, if you are paranoid about your privacy, here is how to turn off Google web history. Disable Google Web History Once in your Google account (do so if not logged in […]

Disable Windows Update auto-restart

In all recent versions of Windows(Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7), the OS automatically restarts/reboots after running Windows Update, irrespective of the type of update (manual, automatic, scheduled). This might cause inconvenience if you work on the system at the time of an update. Any unsaved work will be lost in the auto-restart. The […]

Show only URLs in Firefox address bar

Firefox (version 3 and above) has had history and bookmark suggestions in its address bar, which it calls “awesome bar”. While this might be useful for some, there are users who prefer the old style of only URL suggestions in address bar. Furthermore, history suggestions might embarass you in front of others if you wanted […]

Recover form field text [Firefox addon]

Textarea Cache is one of those Firefox extensions that can save you a lot of hair pulling, because it auto saves whatever text you enter in HTML textarea elements (ie. text boxes). After installing Textarea Cache, any text you type in can be recovered in case of an OS or Firefox crash. This can be […]

Security tip: Move wp-config.php a level above WordPress install

WordPress might be among the easiest and more powerful blogging software. That power and popularity comes at the price of security. An increasing number of hackers find it highly profitable to exploit an ever growing number of vulnerabilites in WordPress to inject spam links, malicious files and redirects to WordPress blogs. Securing a WP install […]

Disable new Google Images search style

Google image search has a new style, with the results being presented only as tiles, and the images in focus popping up. While this might look cool, this deprives you of several data – like image dimensions, size and URL, all of which were available in the old style of image searches. Once the freshness […]

Watch United States Moto GP racing online

Round 10 of Moto GP motor cycle racing, held in USA, will be broadcast on live TV on various channels around the world (for example, Ten Sports in India). But if you are unable to watch live TV feeds, here are some ways to watch the US GP live online. Free US GP live stream […]

Watch Formula 1 German Grand Prix online

The Formula One Spanish Grand Prix will be held at Hockenheim, Germany. F1 races are broadcast live on TV in most countries (eg.: BBC in UK, ESPN – Star Sports in India). But if you are unable to watch it TV, here are good sources to watch it on live video streaming sites. F1 German […]

Reset “Never Save Password for This Site” (Google Chrome)

Google Chrome, as do other browsers, offer to remember username and password when you enter them in a website for login, first time. If you hit “Never for this site”, by accident, or want to change the choice later, bad luck – Chrome never shows the yellow bar prompt on top again. To work around […]

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