Disable new Google Images search style

Google image search has a new style, with the results being presented only as tiles, and the images in focus popping up.

While this might look cool, this deprives you of several data – like image dimensions, size and URL, all of which were available in the old style of image searches. Once the freshness wears off, you might quickly find this less likeable if you need the said meta data.

If you do not like this design (like me), here’s a quick tip to disable this new Images search design – add the string &sout=1 at the end of the search URL, eg. http://google.com/images?q=sunset&sout=1

Alternatively, scroll to the end of the search results page and click the link called “Switch to Basic Version”.

You can also add this parameter to search bookmarklets, search extensions or keyword search settings in Chrome and Firefox (see how to search on Google directly in Firefox address bar like Chrome).

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