Alternatives to Related Entries plugin by Wasabi

Wasabi’s Related Entries plugin is very popular with WordPress blogs. It allows you to insert a list of posts, which are related to the current post. This increases pageviews, and adds to the stickiness of the blog, ie. the time a visitor stays on your blog.

Related Entries plugin is no longer updated which may be because of some difficulties on the side of its developer. However, to cash in on the void, several new plugins with similar functionality has been launched. Here are some of the healthy alternatives to Related Entries plugin:

  • Aizatto’s Related Posts plugin: This is the current hot property of related posts plugins, being preferred by popular bloggers. It is basically a hack on top of Wasabi’s plugin, and its author introduces this plugin as “a new version of Related Entries”. It is feature-rich, with auto-injection, excerpts, option of showing in feeds (you don’t have to install Related Entries for Feed plugin) etc.Personal favourite, and being currently used here. I change my opinion too fast 😀 . I couldn’t insert the code manually, and auto-injection is not placing the list where I want it to be.
  • Similar Posts: This is another handy plugin, by Rob Marsh. I had trouble installing Wasabi’s plugin, and tried Similar Posts as an alternative. The only drawback is that you cannot add it in feeds. Update: There is a companion plugin, called Similar Posts Feed, which adds the list in RSS feeds. Personal favourite and currently used here :DDownload: Similar Posts | Similar Posts Feed
  • Semiologic Terms2Post: One of the more popular plugins mentioned here. I fail to see its merits. Michael has done a review of the plugin.Download

This rounds up my list of alternatives to Related Entries. I have tried all three plugins, and strongly recommend #1 or #2 – there have been no issues for me whatsoever. I encourage you to ditch Related Entries and try these too, as we all know that an un-updated plugin is worse than none. Do let me know your thoughts on these – do you have alternatives? Or if you have reviewed them, I’ll be happy to link up; ditto for your experience with them.

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