Orkut Blog, a blog by Google for Orkuters

Orkut, a popular social networking site owned by Google, had launched a blog on June 25. The first post was made (obviously) by its founder, Orkut Buyukkokten, its founder. The blog introduces itself as Orkut: News and Notes; Your Official Guide to staying beautiful on Orkut.

The blog has become very popular, attaining close to 4000 RSS subscribers (as of today). However,there is no good inside information or posts to merit such a huge number. Must be the novelty of subscribing to the “Official Blog” 😉 For those of you sick of it, I recommend InsideOrkut, a blog by an avid Orkut user.

I am not impressed by Orkut blog – for one thing, it doesn’t have any News and Notes that it claims. Of course, that may come along well as time goes by. As for another, I believe that there are far too many Orkut resources already – there is no space for another one. The only way that it can redeem itself is by providing unique information first, ie. breaking news. As for tips and tricks, sites like Orkutrix is a far better deal.

Orkut itself is on a downslide now, losing its market share to Facebook. However, Orkut still holds its own against FaceBook in developing countries, like India and Brazil. The Orkut blog seems to be going the same way.

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