Review: ImgBurn, to write discs for free

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Nero might be omni-present ((when was the last time you saw someone using non-Nero software for burning discs?)) and etched onto the minds of every computer user as the best disc writing tool. However, it costs a premium, and is not really necessary for most day-to-day disc burning needs.

While Nero goes on adding more utilities to its package, I (and you should, too) choose to go the opposite way of using free, lightweight tools for such tasks. ImgBurn is one such tool, that allows you to burn discs without the hype, hassles or problems. All for the price of $0.00.

It has a neat interface (though not very beautiful) – see the screenshot below to see what I mean.

The interface is, admittedly, sparse. However, it is not confusing, and does its job decently . Most people do not realize that the main reason for attraction to popular software like Nero is its interface and not functionality. The most important part is that it is lightweight and perfectly suitable for old and new computers alike.

The worst part of ImgBurn is its design. So, if you can get over it, then you have your hands on a decent application that does what it is intended to do, nothing more, nothing less. ‘Nothing more’ is significant, when you consider that many popular applications are losing fans because of additional functionalities (and consequent resource hogging) that many do not desire. Think Nero, Firefox, Adobe Reader etc.

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