How to extract and open .daa files for free (Windows and Linux)

.daa (Direct Access Archives) is a proprietary format by PowerISO, used commonly to archive large ISO files (ISO is a disk image format that you can burn to a disk using Nero or any other burner). DAA file format has features like compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes.

DAA files can be opened by PowerISO, but unfortunately, it is free to use only for small files. Many files that you get over the internet, especially those from Linux users, or file-sharing services(like BitTorrent) will be in DAA format. This tutorial shows you how to extract such files free of cost.

For Windows users
For Linux Users

For Windows

You should download the following programs:
DAA2ISO (no install required, just open it)
IZArc and install it.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed them, follow these easy steps:

  • Open DAA2ISO, and in the first box, point to the DAA file. In the second box, select the place where you want to extract the ISO, and also the filename for it.
  • Open IZArc, and point to the ISO file and fill in the details like where you want it to be extracted to.

You would now have the original files that were converted to DAA.

If you need to make a disc of the files, you can follow the first step from above, and then download and install ImgBurn (freeware). Then, open ImgBurn and burn the ISO file to a disc to get a disc with all the contents of the original DAA file.

For Linux

Linux users can use the AcetoneISO utility to extract the ISO file. Read MLUG’s review of Acetone and steps for the conversion.

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