Nokia N95 volume button not working

Nokia N95, the smartphone that brought in a lot of features and the ‘fully-loaded’ concept, sometimes has a bug with its volume button: it just stops working, in every application, home screen, and even in calls.

This problem occured to me some time in the past. Searching online turned up many quick fixes and solutions, but here’s the unfortunate part: not one of them worked. It seemed that the bug I had was perhaps undiscovered, and hence, had no solution.

I tried rebooting the phone, to no avail. Then, I tried Factory Settings (which reverts all the settings that you changed). That did not work either. A firmware update for the phone did not fix the issue either.

I went back to the most rudimentary bug-fixing method: reverting recent changes to the phone – any settings changed, new software installed etc. I traced my own bug down to a change in the equalizer setting – from Default to Bass booster. I changed it back to Default, switched the phone on and off, and the volume button started working.

There are a dozen other reasons for the volume rocker not working: firmware fault, software installs, changes in settings etc.

If none of these DIY methods to fix the bug works, it might well be a hardware issue. Take your N95 to your nearby store for repairs.

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