Unblock blocked Facebook apps, users

Facebook users can trim and clean their wall feeds (or activity streams) by removing items or revoking permission of a user or app to post to the wall.

This is easy to do – hit the ‘x’ next to a post and you can remove the item, block it for ever etc. This ease of use also means that you may often regret impulse actions you did.

For example, recently I blocked an app from the wall (that sometimes gives free coupons), then realized to my horror that the app was no longer accessible (I’d loose my coupons!). Unblocking was the solution. Follow the steps below to unblock a blocked Facebook app (or user):

Open your Facebook page. Click “News Feed”.

Scroll to the bottom of News Feed, hit the Edit Options link. Click edit options.

A box with hidden apps and users will come up. Click the ‘x’ next to any user/app you wish tom remove.

Do not forget to hit the save button!

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