Schedule startup applications with Startup Delayer

Unless you are an uber-minimalist who installs the bare minimum number of programs required to get your job done, chances are that your Windows boot time is being slowed down by a large number of programs that launch at startup simultaneously.

However, many such applications, like your antivirus, Google Talk and other messengers, Skype etc. are regularly required, so stopping their “Start at Windows startup” setting will not help matters.

To prevent Windows startup being bogged down like that, you can use Startup Delayer, an app that schedules software to be started up at a pre-specified time.

To get started, download Startup Delayer.

Before you schedule a delay for opening of any application, ensure that the “Start automatically when Windows starts” setting in the app’s settings is disabled. Not doing so will result in an error.

Then, open Startup Delayer and choose the app you want to delay. Double click it and set time to be started at. You can also set the state of app: minimalized, maximized or normal. For all the background apps like antivirus, set it as minimalized, and for others like Google Talk, set it as normal.

After you set up all apps, hit “Activate Startup Delayer” and choose Invisible mode.

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