Fix “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, cannot open Outlook window” error

Microsoft Office sometimes throws up the following error (including when exiting Outlook to switch profiles)

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window

This can be irritating when you are checking / sending a mail urgently. Here are a few possible solutions for the problems – if one does not work, move on to the next. I have listed the solutions in order of ease of use. If you have alternate solutions, please post them in comments – it can help fellow readers.

Solve Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error

Fix #1 Go to Start -> Run. Enter “Outlook.exe /resetnavpane” (without quotes) and hit enter. Note that this might remove some of your settings tweaks to Outlook.

Fix #2: Try repairing Microsoft Office by running the original Setup files you must have.

Fix #3: The error is caused by a broken profile. To fix it, reconnect your profile.

Fix #4: Use Inbox Repair tool (an executable called Scanpst.exe) to repair problems with your .pst files.

Fix #5: If all fails, do a system restore – if the Outlook error was caused by any change you made recently, this will fix it.

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