Analyzing my first Digg, Stumble Upon and success

It was a good Christmas eve for me, with one of my posts hitting the front page and getting 700+ diggs. This is an expression of my thoughts about the digg and related issues. This site is hosted on Dreamhost, which ’supposedly’ buckles under the pressure of a Digg and the site goes offline. I […]

Kick out those damn CAPTCHAs

Web spam is on the rise, and how! Ask any person who owns a comment-enabled blog, and they’ll tell you a career of spam fighting. On a smaller scale, just check your email inbox, and you would find thousands of spam mails every week. With spamming at such an alarming rate, it is only natural […]

Review : The all-new, redesigned Google Analytics interface

More than a week after reporting about Google Analytics’ redesign, my Analytics account has finally switched over. Joy at last! I had mentioned in that post that, if all the hype surrounding the redesign were to be true, Google Analytics would finally be a stand-out in the crowd of site statistics services. The newly designed […]

Review: ReviewSaurus – The Techie Dino

ReviewSaurus is a tech blog, authored by Mayank, with special focus on free Software-related stuff. Notice that I say “special focus” – that’s because it is pretty much a write-it-all blog. Design The first thing that strikes me is its abnormal Design. He uses the BloggingPro theme by DesignDisease, which is an acceptable theme. However, […]

Google Sandbox: All you ever wanted to know

Google is the world leader in online search currently. Going by the market share, it is clear why most people (myself included) chose to prioritize their optimization efforts towards results in Google. SEO has many buzz-words, most of which are quite widely used. Some of these terms are link building, on-page optimization, keyword density, sandboxing […]

How To: Solve duplicate content in WordPress without plugins

Duplicate content is a serious issue for all WordPress blogs, and most bloggers now employ different methods to show partial content. The only blogs with good search rankings which employ full posts, are usually authority blogs, which are labelled as safe and authoritative by Google’s algorithm. Plugins are a popular method to reduce duplicate content. […]

Simple SEO tips to improve your blog’s search rankings

Every blogger has heard of the term SEO. SEO blog category is among the fastest growing – you have to look no further than the number of authority blogs that cover the topic extensively. Having some SEO knowledge is essential for every blogger to improve his luck with search engines. More organic traffic is important […]

BlogRovr Firefox extension: See what other bloggers are saying

 RSS feeds are creating serious information overload. This causes time pressures for bloggers, web enthusiasts and lazy surfers alike – we may keep reading our feeds and decrease our productivity in other matters that we set out to do. A better idea would be to browse favourite sites every alternate day or so. However, you […]

Monitor your bandwidth usage and internet speed with NetMeter

Internet bandwidth is a precious commodity. In countries like India, broadband access is limited by the amount of data (uploads/downloads) that you can transfer. You may also want to monitor your internet speeds regularly. Third-party sites can be used for this purpose, but such tests are inaccurate because of latencies and other inefficiencies. The best […]

How to move My Documents to a different partition/drive

My Documents is the default folder for saving files in many programs. And in an urge to save time or hassles, most people hit OK and save them in My Documents. All well and good. What happens when Windows XP is somehow damaged/corrupted and has to be reformatted? You lose all your valuable files. I […]

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