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ReviewSaurus is a tech blog, authored by Mayank, with special focus on free Software-related stuff. Notice that I say “special focus” – that’s because it is pretty much a write-it-all blog.


The first thing that strikes me is its abnormal Design. He uses the BloggingPro theme by DesignDisease, which is an acceptable theme. However, he has muddled it up a bit, by adding widgets and extra designs in an ad-hoc manner. This induces the reader to think that it is spammy and unprofessional.


The main reason I follow ReviewSaurus is its content. Despite the Design issues, his content is good. But he could do with better usage of bold+underlined text – in my opinion, he uses it too frequently.

RSS Feeds

He offers site feed proxied through FeedBurner.

Oops! Why do I have to confuse you with technical jargon? He offers his feed through FeedBurner. Now that’s a better non-geeky defenition 😉


Oh yeah! This is where it gets exciting for readers – contests and rewards.

ReviewSaurus currently runs a guest blog contest, whereby you send in your Reviews, and may get featured on ReviewSaurus, with a link back to your blog, with anchor text of your choice.

He also has a blog review contest, and this post of mine qualifies as one.

The Verdict

All in all, a very satisfying blog, because it is the content that matters the most, and he does a good job by reviewing stuff that we have previously only heard of.

I found a work-around to his poor Design – subscribe to his feed and read conveniently in the lounge of your feed reader 😀

So, clean up your Design or get a new one, and you have a cool blog, Mayank!

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