BlogRovr Firefox extension: See what other bloggers are saying

 RSS feeds are creating serious information overload. This causes time pressures for bloggers, web enthusiasts and lazy surfers alike – we may keep reading our feeds and decrease our productivity in other matters that we set out to do. A better idea would be to browse favourite sites every alternate day or so. However, you may miss crucial news by doing so.

To solve this, BlogRovr comes to the aid. BlogRovr is a handy little Firefox extension, that allows you to see what other bloggers are saying about the pages you are viewing. Instead of displaying entire posts, BlogRovr shows you only the excerpt, so that you can click through to those posts which you are interested. Based on analysis, BlogRovr also suggests to you the popular posts. You can also twitter about the site on which you are (great news for twitter fans).

You can enter a list of blogs you like and read often, and from then on, BlogRovr does all the heavy lifting, that is, fetch the links to relevant posts. It can be compared to the related posts plugin for WordPress – only BlogRovr is on a global scale. It lets you Twitter about the pages you’re on from the toolbar.

BlogRovr, the Firefox extension for avid blog readers

However, BlogRovr has one minor quirk – you have to register an account before using it. Apart from that, BlogRovr is a good extension, and a nice tool for avid blog readers (who do not use RSS – there are many).

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