Creative uses of Sony’s new razor-thin display

In my previous post, I had written about the thinnest display available, by Sony.

I jotted down some ideas of using the display creatively. When I finished, I could not help smiling at it 

The possibilities

The possibilities are quite amazing :

  • Every gadget and gizmo which sports a colour screen could become thinner and sexier, thanks to this display.
  • As for its power consumption, details are not known, but my guess is, it will be good too.
  • Thus, we could see mobile phones, iPod Nanos and even watches get smaller. If power consumption is lower, then their batteries will also be smaller.
  • This new display could be used as a tattoo.
  • It could be used as an easy to use TV, which you carry around and stick to the wall when necessary. The transponders could be built-in, using future technology.
  • It could be used as a built-in gizmo to your body, which shows the temperature and body conditions. This will be useful for oldies out there.
  • It could be used as the portable screen for PSP3 or whatever. The processing part could be in your pocket, and the joystick+controls could be in your hands!
  • It could be used by students, as a substitute for reading books.
  • Who knows, it could have a touch screen, which would make it a writable notebook.

That’s about all I could manage. Do you find other innovative uses? Write in through comments.

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