Sony unveils World’s Slimmest Display

Its a race for thinner displays which yield beatiful pictures and videos with millions of colours. Now, Sony, one of the pioneers of flat-panel technolgy, has unveiled a new type of display which is as thin as paper, and displays full colour videos.

A spokesman for Sony said it has yet to decide on commercial products using the technology.

There still remains a few problems in Sony’s way to commercial success with the display. The costs are high, and durability has yet to be proved. Also, the size(presently 2.5in) has to be increased manifold, if the technology is to be successfully deployed.

The new display runs on two technologies of Sony : organic TFT, which makes the display flexible, and organic electroluminescent display.

The other bigwigs – Samsung, LG, Philips and Sharp are working on different kinds of technologies, totally different from Sony’s. Sony justifies by saying that its technology is best-suited for fast-moving images like videos and games.

In a press conference last year, Chubachi boasted that Sony had a display in its labs, which was so thin it could be folded and rolled up like paper. He said that the world would take notice of the technology. And indeed it did!

Sony has been the traditional stronghold in flat-panel displays like LCD and Plasma TVs, but in the past few years, companies like Sharp, LG and Samsung have stolen its thunder. Most notable of them all is Samsung, who took the world by storm, with several displays like its Bordeaux series, which can output quality video and has good aesthetics. Analysts say that this is a classic Sony strike-back.

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