Create UAC-free shortcuts trusted programs, avoid irritating UAC popup

The much-hated User Account Control (UAC), part of Windows Vista and 7, is actually a capable security feature to prevent malware execution. Mac and Linux flavors have had it for years before, but the outcry surfaced only with Vista. While UAC is less agressive in Windows 7, it is not perfect either. The easy way […]

Change default font face and size in Word 2010

The Microsoft Office 2010 suite uses Calibri 11pt as default font. However, users can easily change the default font style, including size, letterface and color. The font you set as default will be used for all new documents, however you can still change it on a per-document basis. To modify/customize default font in Word 2010 […]

Control mouse pointer with a keyboard

Recently, I went to my relatives’ house (where I keep my old desktop computer temporarily) to copy all media and work files to my recently acquired external hard drive. There was an old wired keyboard and mouse to go with the computer. Due to moving houses, the optical mouse seemed not to work. Now, moving […]

Force enable Windows 7 AutoPlay to show

Windows auto play dialog box appears upon inserting external (removable) media like memory cards (CompactFlash, Secure Digital, microSD, miniSD etc.), optical media like CD, DVD, USB devices like flash memory drives and portable hard drives. It can help you save time with a list of shortcuts to common operations. If you use removable media frequently, […]

Change Windows XP product serial key

We know how to change Windows 7/Vista license key, here are the steps to change Windows XP key. You may want to change the license serial for various reasons – one common use being to enter a genuine license key on a pirated copy of Windows. You may also need it if you have a […]

Fix ‘Open in New Tab/Window’ problem in IE8

Internet Explorer 8 has a bug – if you right-click a link and then “Open in new tab”, it may not open in a new tab (but in a new window instead). Re-registering DLL files associated with Internet Explorer 8 may fix this issue. Follow the steps below: Go to Start > Run, type each […]

“Windows 7/Vista Cannot Activate Due to Invalid Volume License Key” error

Microsoft’s Windows activation woes continue. OEM versions of Windows Vista and 7 (ie. bundled with new computers) have activation error due to corrupt/missing data in the motherboard BIOS chip. The issue is known for Lenovo X60 and T60 laptops. The error messages might be any of the following: Invalid Volume License Key In order to […]

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