Control mouse pointer with a keyboard

Recently, I went to my relatives’ house (where I keep my old desktop computer temporarily) to copy all media and work files to my recently acquired external hard drive. There was an old wired keyboard and mouse to go with the computer. Due to moving houses, the optical mouse seemed not to work.

Now, moving the files was important for me, and I had to do it then (ie. could not go back to get another mouse), so I decided to try out the mouse keys built in to the keyboard. These are located on the numeric keypad of a standard keyboard – for example, 8 is up, 2 is down, 4 is left and 6 is right.

Move mouse pointer with keyboard

To start controlling the mouse pointer on screen with a keyboard, you need to activate the mouse keys first.

The usual way to enable mouse keys is by going to Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Mouse tab and check “Use Mouse keys”. However, this is difficult, when you do not have a mouse, so you can use the shortcut method.

Hit Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock. You will get a Mousekeys dialog box. Hit Ok to enable mousekeys and start using it.. Once enabled, a MouseKeys icon appears in system tray, from which you can tweak various settings.

Here are some more functions (other than the up/down/left/right mentioned above) you can use:

5 : Mouse Click
+ : Double Click
Ins : Begin Drag
Del : End Drag
1 : Down and Left
3 : Down and Right
7 : Up and Left
9 : Up and Right

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