Create UAC-free shortcuts trusted programs, avoid irritating UAC popup

The much-hated User Account Control (UAC), part of Windows Vista and 7, is actually a capable security feature to prevent malware execution. Mac and Linux flavors have had it for years before, but the outcry surfaced only with Vista.

While UAC is less agressive in Windows 7, it is not perfect either. The easy way out is to disable UAC, but that brings back security risks.

One alternative would be to set up your regularly used software as trusted. UAC Trust Shortcut is a portable app for Windows Vista and above, that creates shortcuts to open programs without UAC warnings. Shortcuts can be added by providing name and path, the latter of which can be chosen by a file browser, if necessary.

Once the shortcut is created, launching the app using this trusted shortcut does not trigger UAC.

Hit the link below to go to developer’s homepage, which offers other useful utilities too. Make sure to choose the correct version of UAC Trust Shortcut (x64 for 64-bit Windows and x86 for others).

Download UAC Trust Shortcut

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