How to extract .daa files free (Windows)


.daa extension (Direct Access Archives) is a proprietary format by PowerISO, used commonly to archive large ISO files (ISO is a disk image format that you can burn to a disk using Nero or any other burner). .DAA files format has features like compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes.

DAA files can be opened by PowerISO, but unfortunately, it is free to use only for small files. Many file .daa that you get over the internet, especially those from Linux users, or file-sharing services (like BitTorrent) will be in DAA format.

This tutorial will show you how open .daa files for free on Windows. Extracting .daa extension files require two steps – converting the DAA file to an ISO file, and then burning the ISO file to a disc or extracting the ISO to get the required files.

Below are the methods to open .daa files on Windows.


If you use Mac OS X, see our tutorial on opening .daa files on Mac OS X for free.Tutorial for Linux will be added soon.

Reading DAA files on Windows

To get .daa files open in Windows, follow the steps below (screenshots have been included for your convenience). We will convert the DAA file to ISO format first. You can then extract files from the ISO file using IZArc (which we will do below) or burn it to a disc.

  1. Download DAA 2 ISO from this page. Save it to Desktop. Extract (by double-clicking) the zip folder to get a folder named daa2iso.
  2. Open the folder. There are two files named daa2iso.

    daa file extractor Windows Mac

  3. Double-click the daa2iso file with a label application to the right side (and has a colorful icon), You will get a command prompt along with a window to choose your files.
    Open DAA file using DAA2ISO
    click to enlarge

    Double-click the .daa file you need to extract.

  4. In the window that comes up, enter a file name and hit Save.
    DAA file
    click to enlarge
  5. The file will be extracted in a few seconds (it takes more time if you have a larger file). The command prompt window will appear with the confirmation (as shown below).
    Extract open .daa file free
  6. Hit enter key to quit the command prompt. The converted .iso file will be saved in the same location as the original .daa file.
  7. If you have 7Zip, open it and extract the ISO file. Else, follow the next step.
  8. Download and install IZArc.
  9. Open Computer and navigate to where you saved the .iso file (which is where you saved the original .daa file also).
  10. Right-click the file and click IZArc > Extract to .\ where stands for your file.

    .daa file extraction how to Windows

  11. You will now have the files extracted into a folder of the same name as the .iso file, in the same location.

    Instead of extracting files, if you need to burn a disc from the files, download and install ImgBurn (freeware). Open ImgBurn and burn the ISO file to a disc to get a disc with all the contents of the original DAA file.

The steps used above have been tested and working. If there are some errors, chances are, it might be because of the original .daa file being corrupt. Retry each step. But if you still find any problems, leave a comment below for assistance.


  1. hey guys, i have a problem with this program. when i start a conversion an error comes up saying ”
    Error: Wrong .daa signature”
    i have no idea of what im doing wrong. im pretty used to programs and computers, so it cant be something im doing wrong (not trying to sound cocky). any help would be appreciated :)

  2. Thanks man. The information provided was really helpful although I am still confused as why power iso could not open the image file directly, it does support the extension. Anyway thanks a lot.

  3. Thank you very much! Converting .daa to .iso in free!! I was going to try PowerISO but since trial version is for small files only, I saw this link and baaM!

    Thanks for the help!!
    Keep up the good work 😉

  4. if you run the daa iso in the command prompt and it converts the file ipto 004% and an error message pops up that say “the compressed or INFLATE input is wrong or incomplete”what is the problem and what must l do becoz l cant wait to use the software

  5. Dear Smriti
    you dont need to install powerISO . Just make the iso file and open it with winRAR
    thats all. Then you can use any writer software to write the files if you want to write .

  6. Awesome tutorial. Been looking for a way to open daa files. This was simple and effective. Much appreciated!! Thanks. :)

  7. Hi!

    I installed powerISO but though it was a bit weird one so i restored the system because it wasnt uninstalling itself… the system restore did remove major stuff but there were ‘lang’ n ‘skins’ folders etc still left… however, it didnt come up in add/remove programs or in revo uninstallers list so i just manually deleted the poweriso folder.

    Then while searching for an alternative to open .daa files i came across ur comments n the cluttered registry due to powerISO thing quite freaked me out! Can you advise me about how to wipe out the whole of powerISO from the registry too? please!

  8. God I hat to install PowerISO really bad company people who want to use normaly wind up having me fix there systems never knowing it was PowerISO that corrupted there system.
    It’s like this Shaggy Sheep Dog that People love that clogs the Vacuum cleaner and destroys the carpet all the while sitting there and looking innocent.

    PowerISO just leaves a Mess in a registry, I hate the thing.

    But has kept me in cash over the years fixing corrupted registrys.

    Normally I use Ultraiso the Program PowerISO is a bad copy/joke of. But it dose decompress the DAA format(PowerIso exclusive owned Format) that often a bane of my existence.
    Thank you for these most excellent solutions and wonderful Tutorial!!!!

  9. Dear friends

    I have a collection of 4 files .daa, when I execute the daa2iso on the first file, I receive the message “the compressed INLFATE input is wrong or incomplete”. When I choose the second, third or forth files, I receive the message “wrong DAA signature ()”. What can I do to solve my problem>? I´ll very thankfull for your answer.

  10. Bad block: “Action Replay.avi”
    File fails CRC check: “F:\movie\Action Replay 2010 Hindi Full Movie DvDrip XVid\Action Replay.avi”

    is the msg after following instructions – no idea what next to be done????????

  11. Use WinRar or Winzip to open it and there is no need to use all this bullsh.t….

    I can’t believe people would go to all this trouble….

  12. Oh! So I was reading the txt file that comes with DAA 2 ISO, it says:
    “The tool automatically supports multipart files so it’s enough that you select only the first one (like file.part01.daa).”

    I feel dumb for not reading that first! So all of you who are having the same issue… after you select part 1, the program automatically finds and converts the related parts for you, compiling them into a single ISO.

    So check out your part 1 file after you’ve extracted it with 7Zip (or whatever other program you use). It will be the complete file! You don’t have to worry about the other parts! This is an awesome program!! Thanks!!!

    and remember… Read The Instructions First!! 😀

  13. I am also receiving the error: “You must choose the first DAA file (*.part01.daa, *.part001.daa or *.daa) because this is a splitted archive”

    I have already converted part 1, and am now trying to convert parts 2 and 3. What am I doing wrong?

    Please help! :)

  14. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Came up with an error message.

    So, since, at it’s heart, it’s an iso file, I just tacked on .iso at the end of the file, and extracted it with PowerISO. Worked great!

  15. When I extracted some of my files, half of them would work, a fourth of them had no sound and the other fourth wouldn’t play. Is this because my file is split into 3 parts? how do i extract the second and third parts of the .daa file if it will only allow me to extract the first? maybe there’s only something wrong with those unplayable/unsounded files?

  16. I didn’t even think about it, but it makes sense why it says that, since it is a part 1, part 2, and part 3 file, but how do I choose multiple files to convert from daa to iso?
    I’ve tried holding down ctrl but it won’t let me choose more than one. Is that what I even need to do?

  17. Hi,

    I used the daa2iso program and it worked perfectly for my first file, but when I tried to use it on a second .daa file, it told me:
    “You must choose the first DAA file (*.part01.daa, *.part001.daa or *.daa) because this is a splitted archive”
    I’m wondering if I messed something up when I was trying to extract/etc because it should be almost identical to the previous file, only with different information.
    (They both have about 8 movies condensed into one file.)
    I would really appreciate the help because I have no idea what’s going on.
    Thank you so much.


  18. I met a problem. Extraction is not working through Izarc. when i extract, appears only empty folder. file size is 3.53 Gb. izarc did not even start extraction.plz help

  19. Awesome information – thank you!
    I have spent ages messing about with ISO in the past and you just made it all quick and easy. Bless you :)

  20. Brilliant instructions. Thorough guide, worked great and perfectly on Windows Vista.

  21. hi,

    I got the daa file converted to a iso file. Installed Izarc. But somehow the Izarc refuses to extract the file. I go to the ISO file, right click and go to IZARC > Extract here. The extractor just sits there doing nothing. 0% unpacked. Am I doing anything wrong? I have the IZarc 4.0 beta 1 software on a windows XP machine.

  22. Thank you very much about the article. I have successfully used the .daa file. But I suggest daa 2 iso converted should be downloaded from other sites like I downloaded from

  23. i downloaded a game (2.6Gig) so its a fairly large file. so i cannon put it all on one cd or dvd. is there any way that i can just convert the file into a format that my computer can read and operate? ive been working on this for days.
    i even tried to use Daemon but i cant get it into an ISOPhoto again. its stuck as an ISOfile. can i possibly reverse that to make it so Daemon would work?

  24. thanks a lot for the tutorial, it really worked!!
    one comment about using winrar to extract the iso files is true, i didn’t need to download 7zip or izarc to open iso files..
    thank you guys!!
    really help me convert my daa file into readable mp3 files = )

  25. Sumesh,

    Thank you very much for this very effective tool. I never really liked .daa files, because of the conversion issues. Now that I have an easy to use tool like this, I’ve found I really like them. Without this tool, I would still be in the dark about this great file type.

    Thanks a lot.

  26. Hey . . it Works.

    Thats a beautiful s/w man,

    daa2iso was amazing.

    no probs

    instructions are perfectly working
    thanks buddy

  27. i really appreciate for your nice work… the steps that you have provided is just mind blowing, so simple to understand … it worked for me and no need to install that poweriso.

  28. Great tutorial m8! English is my second language but I had no problems what-so-ever understanding those few and simple tasks you explained.
    I don’t concider me a computer wiz, but even I could sort it out and it works like a charm.

  29. Works perfectly…Flawless…
    Mounted the .iso image with Daemon tool afterward =)

    Thanks !

  30. Just to add, for those who may not know, you can skip burning and mount with daemon tools – its quicker and cheaper than burning to disc when you just want to install from the image.

  31. Thank you very much for the information. I worked and I could get the DAA file extracted.

    Thanks a lot

  32. Glad you found the tutorial useful, and thanks for alerting me about the link. It was working fine when I posted it, it appears the webmaster blocked direct download, so I have updated the link.

  33. @Kenny: Glad you liked it :) And tell that to the commenter above who asks why you should use this method instead of downloading a pirated copy of Power ISO.

  34. WAW! This has to be like the most straight forward, simple n straight to the point tutorial ever! and what makes it even better is that it worked FLAWLESSLY! i barely lifted a finger (only to press the mouse buttons).

    ANOTHER PLUS is that i didnt even have to install anything! i wouldnt have it any other way, this is perfect! cuz i hate installing crap that i know ima only use ONCE! plus i just reformatted my comp so definitely wasnt tryna install any one night stand software already to slow up comp.


  35. “or file-sharing services (like BitTorrent) will be in DAA format”

    If you are downloading DAA files using a BiTtorrent why not just search for a cracked version of WinRAR and save yourself the headache.

  36. daa2iso.exe work great! thank you…

    the result image .ISO I opened with daemon tool, and work perfect.

  37. @Matt: I respect your opinion, but I’ve personally been very satisfied with IZArc. Gets the job done very well. I suspect you a)use obscure file types only 7zip can open or b)are an open-source supporter just for the sake of it.

  38. download daa2iso from [link removed by admin, do not advertise external links unless relevant]……….dis realy works man ………..

  39. DAA2ISO:

    Excellent utility! BAH to proprietary programs.

    From the download site the program did not work from first link (, but it did work from the second link (“from this page”). Weird, but hey, as long as I eventually got the correct version.

  40. Wonderful. This is a life saver tip. I have received a .DAA file and have been wondering how to read the contents. I have just downloaded DAA2ISO.

    Thanks to share these nice tips.

    Appreciated !!!

  41. @Dave: That is a good method of opening DAA files – I will update the post to mention it too. However, I should remind that this post shows you how to open daa files for free – without paid or trial software (WinRAR).5

  42. Here’s a much easier way.Winrar opens ISO and DAA files the same easy way it opens ZIP files.I’ve just done it – I opened – and installed – two 4GB “daa” files without a hitch.I’ve removed Power Iso, Magic Iso, and Alcohol 120% from my systems – who needs them.Winrar handles so many compressed file types – it’s far better – IMHO – than winzip, and it’s a cinch to use.I hope this is of some help.

  43. Thanks a bunch for this!.. daa2iso is awesome! One comment thought.. IZarc is not really necessary.. if you already have 7zip then you can use that to extract the ISO file, or just burn the iso into a CD.

  44. @Mr.E: I’m not sure what you’re saying, but the possible reasons for it might be a corrupt software install or an incomplete/corrupt file that you’re trying to extract. Try redownloading the file and/or reinstalling the required software (IZArc etc.)

  45. Ok, i’ve done everything as instructed, but while in the prosses of extracting my file to its output, i keep getting an error.

    it stops at 2% of the unpacking and gives me the following error:
    the compressed ZLIB input is wrong or incomplete

  46. There’s a free utility call DAA Converter for converting .daa files to .iso on Mac OS X 10.3 or later (does not support passworded files).
    It is open source and is available at

    It is basically a Mac GUI enhanced version of the linux command-line tool daa2iso.

    The resulting .iso files can be mounted by simply double-clicking, and can be burned with Apple’s Disk Utility, or commercial software such as Toast.

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