WordPress problems and dilemmas

WordPress 2.3 was launched some time back, amid much fanfare. Most bloggers held out for bug fixes, and I did the same. Looking back, there were a few positives and some problems.

Of course, WordPress 2.3 has some much-hyped features like:

  1. Native tagging support
  2. Canonical URLs
  3. Plugin update notifications
  4. Improved draft management: Draft titles are now paginated on the “Write Post” page.
  5. Google BlogSearch for incoming links widget

There are some other issues:

  • Tags vs. Categories: Tags are a new feature. There is a category importer to import all categories to the new tag system. However, tags may conflict with categories. I had initially been attracted by the Tag Cloud, and wanted to convert all categories to tags. However, knowing that tags should be used as micro-categories, I decided to do the same.
  • Canonical URLs vs .htaccess: WordPress’ new built-in canonical redirects system may conflict with .htaccess.
  • Incoming links widget displays links from the same blog

I am sure that some of these will be solved by hackers, and later in official WP releases. On another note, have you found any workarounds to these problems? Tell me through comments.

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