Technorati Blog Claim sucks (and its dangerous)

Technorati is a famous blog search engine used by millions of users worldwide. It has been through its ups and downs, and is criticised and hailed simultaneously.

Until Google BlogSearch came around, Technorati was the only credible blog search engine. To this date, Technorati remains a good source for counting incoming links, tracking who is linking to you and rating blogs.

The first step in using Technorati, once you have created your account, is to claim your blog. To do this, go to Edit Profile>Blogs>Claim a blog, and enter your blog address.

Now comes the problem.

When you enter the blog address, you are confronted with two options – a quick claim, or a post claim for your blog. Quick claim requires that you input your user ID and password, and post claim requires a post with the given link.

To me, both are dealbreakers. Turning your confidential details like user ID and password is not ideal. Writing a post with one link in it(you can delete it, but it will still clutter RSS feed) is also bad.

The quick claim is relatively new, and replaces the meta tag upload that was earlier in its place. I had preferred the meta tag, and used it to claim my blogs.

Surely, there must be a work-around?

(Really) Simple Solution

The solution is pretty simple – use post claim, but without actually doing a post. Technorati requires that you have that post(with the link) somewhere in your blog homepage, so they are actually searching for the link. The easy way out would be to add that link as a widget in the sidebar. Delete it once the claim is done.

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