Site Update: Top Commentators list, Weekly Linklove

The Top Commentator’s list is commonplace now. Most blogs get extra comments. However, of late, Top Commentators list is abused. The blogger is forced to deal with hundreds of near-spam comments. Many blogs have taken out the Top Commentator’s widget owing to this.

While this blog is new, with fewer comments, I still feel that the top commentator’s list is not worth it. So, to prevent PR leaks and other problems, I have changed some things around this blog:

  • Hacked Top Commentator’s list: I have hacked the list to include two new attributes in the links – target="_blank and rel="nofollow". They force open a new window, and removes SEO benefits respectively. I have taken this drastic step because I find many drive-by commentors who leave 2-3 comments, and find a place in the list for a few days. (PS: I will feature a HowTo on hacking Top Commentator’s widget and plugin)
  • Made weekly linklove a permanent feature: In order to reward my regular commentors and keep them happy, I will select good posts from the blogs of Top Commentators regularly(no time-clause, so that I can dodge spammers).

So, I will be able to prevent spam/near-spam comments getting credit, without compromising regular commentators. Now, you get exposure on sidebar and some click-throughs plus weekly links!

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