Site update: New theme, new host, new blog and dofollow Top Commentators list

It has been some time since I had a site update, and I thought it would be the right time to unveil several things that have been around for quite a while. Several things have been breeding, and I am so excited that it is time to reveal!

Firstly, I had been working on a cosmetic update to this theme for some time. Many friends of mine have complained that my content is getting better, but the layout is getting sicker. I took that as a motivational factor of sorts, and hopefully, it works. The theme has a new logo, more contrast and a snazzy feedcount chicklet that is powered by the Feedcount plugin(and not the default FeedBurner one). It is almost done, and I would love to hear your feedback after looking at the image below (will have test blog later):

I took the decision to add a nofollow link to top commentators link. After the PR fiasco, and now that PR is obsolete now (most bloggers hate it, and thus potential advertisers are educated). Comments have dropped significantly, I am bringing back the top commentators plugin in full force. I may also use a plugin which displays the latest blog post from each commentator’s blog below the comment content. What do you think about it? Would you like to see dofollow links for comments too?

Though not strictly related to this blog, I’ve launched Apple Lens, new blog about Apple- their computers, Software etc. I started following Apple some time back, though not completely because of the Windows environment I was used to. However, after using Mac OS X Tiger (my uncle’s MacBook), I am an Apple convert, and my next computer will certainly be an Apple. Though I know that there are enough Apple blogs around, there are two reasons that prompted me to start it – firstly, the enthusiasm and new-found passion for Apple, and second, trying to spread my Blogging efforts to more than just this blog. If you are an Apple fan, take a look there and subscribe to our feed. Even if not, come over to read something not favouring Microsoft 

I had been on Dreamhost’s basic plan for some time, but things have finally caught my nerve. Downtimes are high, and I am not sure how much bandwidth they’ll provide before pulling the plug on me, like in case of a Digg. With a blog about Apple, Diggs are not really improbable, and I do not want to squander a Digg because of poor host. I searched a lot (which I will reveal later). I am not sure of the host I want to buy from. Now, I would like you to help me find a good host. You can post your affiliate URIs, and it would be nice to know your experiences with that host.

I have been thinking of a forum for Apple Lens and TechZilo(this blog) for some time. Problem is, when I am not getting much comments, would it be worth starting a new forum? Or should I just start it and let it grow along with the blog? Also, if I do start one, which Software should I use – SMF, phpBB or BBPress?

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