Set English version of Google as default in Opera Mini search bar

Opera Mini is quite possibly the best browser available for many of the common mobile OSes. It has exceptional speed, resource efficiency and ease of use.

The integrated search bar in Opera Mini gives a nice stream of revenue to its makers and also saves users the hassle of loading up Google/Yahoo etc.

However, if you use Opera Mini’s search box in a foreign country with a different local language, the local language version is shown by default.

Below are steps to make Google’s English version default:

  1. Go to (you might want to open the link in new tab to continue reading the steps below).
  2. Click the link labeled “ in English”.
  3. In the English version, hit the “Settings” link.
  4. Change “tips and messages” language to English and hit save.

If the preference is removed for some reason (firmware flashing or something), repeat the steps to set it again.

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