Remove KB971033 Windows 7 Activation Update (WATu)

Windows 7 Activation Update (WATu, KB971033) was released recently. It fixes many known activation hacks/cracks/exploits around genuine Windows validation technologies (typically used for piracy of Windows 7).

If your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine, or you have a legit copy but encountered activation problems earlier, KB971033 update might cause trouble again. Below are steps to uninstall the Windows 7 Activation technologies update (KB971033).

To uninstall WATu update KB971033

Go to Uninstall Program (under Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features).

Click “View Installed Updates”.

Click the item Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033) and hit uninstall.

Note: KB971033 WAT update will be integrated in Windows 7 SP1. We will post any workarounds for the WATu component for Windows 7 SP1 as soon as we get them.

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