Remove YouTube autoplay bottom bar

YouTube has introduced minor tweaks over the past few years, some of them popular and some of them outright failures. An example would be the horizontal bar at the bottom with recommended videos.

An obvious ploy to get more viewership, the worst part is that YouTube does not even provide an option to revert such tweaks. So, we have to rely on hacks to do the job. There exists a userscript to get rid of the links bar.

For Firefox and Google Chrome users
Firefox users should get Greasemonkey extension, then hit the link below. Chrome users can directly install the script as userscript support is built-in. Note that the page linked below has a Chrome extension link, but that is not necessary; you can click the “Install” button directly.

Install Remove YouTube subscription bar script

For others
You can modify the YouTube URL to hide the autoplay bar. From the YouTube URL, remove the part from and including &playnext=all and hit enter to load it.

I’d be curious to know if any of you actually find the subscription bar useful – you can write a comment below.

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